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Free Space Screensaver

Free Free Space Screensaver will put you on the driver’s seat of a spaceship
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Free   1.6 MB

Have you ever thought about being an astronaut?
Would you like to go to outer space and see how our planet looks from out there?
Free Space Screensaver will put you on the driver’s seat of a spaceship.

This awesome screensaver will put an astronaut suit on you and take you on a journey to outer space.
You will be able to see our planet just the way astronauts have seen it.
They have always reported that it looks blue, full of live. Is that true?
Come and find out for yourself.
You will see many high quality photographs of space and its mysterious objects.
The view of Earth will definitely take your breath away. Look at our planet the way only a few selected ones have been able to see it.
Have you ever watched a sunset or a sunrise? Of course you have. But now you will just stare in awe at the sight that these phenomena.

You will have the closest views possible to the Moon and the rest of the planets in our solar system.
Keep on traveling and discover many of the beauties that abound out there.
Watch different planets with their natural satellites circling around them.
Or delight your eyes with views of different kinds of galaxies that will surely keep you glued to your screen for hours.

Free Space Screensaver doesn’t include sound, which was a little disappointing. It would have been an excellent complement to all the breath-taking views of space.
But still, this is a screensaver that you will surely enjoy.
Just sit back and relax, imagining that you are a real astronaut witnessing all the wonders of space.

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Fernando Soni
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  • Awesome views of planets


  • Nothing worth mentioning except the lack of sound



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